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Bonus Level - CyberPunk 2077

With less than a year from release and hot off the floor of E3, we sit down to discuss how we feel about what we've seen from CyberPunk 2077 so far. Spoiler Alert: It's gonna be really, really good.

June 2019 - Odallus: The Dark Call

We're back in the month of June with the indie darling Odallus: The Dark Call, developed by JoyMasher! Does this call back to yesteryear stand on its own or does it rely solely on the dark magic we call nostalgia? Tune in to find out!

Bonus Level - E3 2019 Impressions

After 14 hours of straight sleep, we are back to discuss what we took away from Gaming's biggest event of the year! But mostly we talk about Poland and how they single handedly won E3. Check it out!