June 2020 - Tyranny

Sometimes, it's good to be bad, and no piece of software has ever embraced that philosophy quite like our June pick Tyranny. Listen along as we discuss Obsidian's delightfully evil CRPG and if there is any hope for players!

Bonus Level - FF7 Remake Ending Discussion

Okay, let's do this. The ending to one of this year's most anticipated titles has everyone talking so tune in to see what the Splash Damage Bros. thought about what happened and what happens next in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake universe!

May 2020 - GreedFall

For May we dive head first into the ambitious RPG GreedFall from developer Spiders. Does this mystical adventure deliver on its promises or does it bite off more than it can chew? Tune in to find out what we thought!

Bingecast - FF7

WHO WANTS US TO WALK THROUGH FF7 IN ITS ENTIRETY? DONE. Enjoy 4 straight hours of the SDB taking a stroll down memory lane with one of Gaming's most iconic titles! This monster episode is broken up into different sections so you can come and go as you please. Here is time code for each episode:
Intro - 0:00 Episode 2 - 34:21 Episode 3 - 50:21 Episode 4 - 1:14:37 Episode 5 - 1:33:37 Episode 6 - 1:48:47 Episode 7 - 2:09:46 Episode 8 - 2:26:57 Episode 9 - 2:43:43 Episode 10 - 3:10:42 Episode 11 - 3:31:17

April 2020 - Alan Wake

VO:  "Last time on Splash Damage Bros. John chose the cult classic Alan Wake as the April pick. What madness followed for the Bros. as they played this seminal title from Remedy Studios and does it live up to its hype? Stay tuned for the epic conclusion to this month's episode."  FADE OUT - ROCK MUSIC PLAYS

Bonus Level - Delay Season

No industry seems to be unscathed from the COVID-19 pandemic including Video Games. In this Bonus Level we discuss the wave of delays from developers and how long we can expect this trend to last.